Perfet Wedding Tables

Foshan Siyang Furniture Co., LTD

Tables are one of the basic furnitures everyone needs.More than for dining, but every table has a shared stories of joy and laughter. This is why choosing a table for your wedding is important not only for aesthetics but also for its suitability.

European Style
Console table

This wedding console table from Siyang Furniture has a luxury design that comes in colors silver and rose gold.It has a stainless base artificial marble top which brings out an elegant vibe perfect for weddings.

Wedding Side Table

This furniture Siyang Furniture is a side table that has a clear tempered glass top perfect for wedding decorations. Its modern design is aesthetically pleasing where the couple can sit and watch their beautiful guests during the reception.

Wedding Bar Table

One of Siyang Furniture’s bar table has a touch of French style with stainless steel frame bar.This is a perfect decoration especially during reception where guests can socialize with each other. It comes in colors Golden Rose and Golden Silver.

Wedding Round Table

Round tables can cater more people in a small space.It is also the traditional tables during wedding celebrations. Siyang Furniture’s round table with glass top and accentric design is perfect for both the guests and couple.

Wedding Long Table

If you have a lot of space to play with, long tables are perfect for your special celebration. Siyang Furniture’s long table wih curvy platform with marble top is perfect for keeping up with the aesthetics.

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